Cloaked In Words, This New Year…

I have been fortunate to translate the works of three brilliant writers over the past few years. Three books of V.J.James have been published by Penguin Random House : Anti-Clock, Nireeswaran and Dattapaharam. We are hoping to see ‘The Book of Exodus’ published this new year. Sheela Tomy’s book, ‘Do not ask the river her name’, will be out this year too. And I sincerely hope that Sonia Rafeek’s two beautiful books, ‘Herbarium’ and ‘House of Girls’ will find suitable homes soon. Perhaps, V.J.James’s Laika and One Legged Crow will grace the bookshelves of readers without much delay too.

From my own writer’s kitty, I am looking forward to seeing ‘Lanka Kanda’ published and a book of cartoons/graphics with pithy reflections , titled, ‘Wisdom@ 50’: what I have garnered during my life journey till now.

Time to say gratitude to the Lord. And it is time to thank all the men and women, whose words have made my life more meaningful, the past year.

Bless you all.

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