When We Pull Together…

Today, is a day of joy for our department. We have received news about winning a national level recognition given for excellence in E-Governance initiatives. I remember where we started and how we reached here.

Any team requires leadership which imbues trust in the truest sense of the term. We have been so fortunate to have it from our wonderful mentors and leaders. They inspire me.

The gift which every team member brings to the table is unique. Life has taught me that every gift- be it technical skills, financial skills, softskills, even a devil’s advocate personality who points out faults ahead of time- is ultimately beneficial for the growth of the team.

I am so proud to be part of this hardworking team which aims high, works silently, and does its best with whatever resources it has; without complaining or boasting.

Sometimes, success makes the loudest noise. About our sincerity and our life purposes.

God bless every member of our team.

So proud of you all.

Special Prayer for protection:)

Dear Hanumanji (My Lord, My Role Model, My Ideal)

Bhoot pisach nikat nahi aavai

Mahabir jab naam sunaavai


Post Script on 23rd February 2021.

My Hanumanji has performed his miracles again. We won the CSI award on 12th February, and today on 23rd Feb another award from the Indian Express group. In two weeks time, HE blessed us with yet another national award!

Truly did a great soul say that the only prayer you need to recite is, ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!’

To that great love and beauty, by whatever name you may wish to call HIM/HER for always being there.

Digital Technology Sabha Excellence Awards – Day 1