Zodiac Truths

November born

Zodiac of Scorpio:

The lizard, the serpent

The eagle

The phoenix

All within they say

Staring at the stars.

I am more interested in deaths

And new births

Because I have died many times

And been reborn as many

In one lifetime.

When love died every time

I died too, and a new me was born.

When trust fell by the wayside

Something within, naive and innocent

Died, and something wary, with flashing eyes

Reemerged, with a cynical smile.

Falsehoods have killed me, and soul truths

Have given me new life.

Everyday, I see within

The lizard of malice and anger

The serpent of wisdom and memory

The eagle of excellence and insight

The phoenix, rising above visible dimensions

Every moment,

Learning, dying, reborn.

And this November, I shall relearn

With humility and strength,

The reason for birth, the reason for death.