When He Walks With You…


The publisher is putting the finishing touches to the third translation/transliteration from Shri Ram Charit Manas : Aranya Kanda. I was fortunate to complete Aranya Kanda and Lanka Kanda in 2021. The kind hearted editor informs me that the artist has now started working on Lanka Kanda/Yuddha Kanda. I simply express my heartfelt gratitude for their commitment and sincerity. The Lord works through us: when we submit the results at His beautiful lotus feet.

I recollect the struggle of the days when I was completing these two translations. Perhaps, the words, page by page of grueling work, saved me from slipping into the morass of depression.

Today, when we discuss the publication, I wish to bow my head in reverence again to that ineffable loving energy which guides, protects and embraces all seekers. By whatever name we hail the Lord, in whichever manner we choose to pray…He is my light and signpost…the spark in my soul. May He allow this insignificant speck of dust to cling more to Him.

May my beloved Hanumanji bless this book too.

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