The Beauty of The Lord

I completed ‘Lanka Kanda’ in 2021, and the book is going to be released in 2024. It is nearly 300 pages long.

I owe much to the publishers, Nageen Prakashan, Meerut; for their wonderful efforts with the SriRamacharitmanas Sopan-translation project. The first book, ‘Sundar Kanda’ was released in 2017, ‘Kishkindha Kanda’ in 2019, and ‘Aranya Kanda’ in 2022.

If the Lord decides, the next book will be ‘Bal Kanda’, possibly in two parts. I am fascinated that the whole of Sati-Shiva-Parvati story is narrated therein with all gusto!

This is in utter gratitude and delight…a big thank you for the divinity which guides us all. May we make You proud through our thoughts, words and deeds.

And my Hanumanji, on every page!