The Nature of the Wicked: From Bal Kanda

Bidhi Hari Har kabi kobid bani/ Kahat sadhu mahima sakuchani//

So mo sank ahi jaat na kaisem/ Sak banik mani guna gana jaisem//

Even Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, poets and scholars are tongue-tied when it comes to describing the greatness of sages! So, how can I do that? It will be like asking a vegetable seller to explain the qualities of precious gems!



Bandavu sant saman chit hith anahit nahim koyi/

Anjali gat subh suman jimi sam sugandh kar doyi//

I prostrate myself before the saints who are tranquil and full of equanimity always. They have no friends nor enemies. Consider the flowers which spread their fragrance on the hands which pluck them. Likewise, the sages shower their graces on both friends and foes.


Sant saral chit jagat hit jaani subhavu sanehu/

Balbinay suni kari kripa Ram charan rati dehu//

Saints are extremely tender hearted and are well-wishers of the Universe. Such sterling character and love inspire me and fills me with adoration. Becoming cognizant of my immature affection, may the kind hearted Lord Ram grant me the blessing of being devoted to His lotus feet.


Bahuri bandi khal gan satibhaye/ Je binu kaaj dahinehu baye//

Par hit hani labh jinh kerem/ Ujarem harash bishad baserem//

Now, with utter sincerity, let me offer respects to the wicked! The souls, who, without reason, commit wrong on even those who are benevolent towards them. In their eyes, harming others is delightful; they feel happy watching the downfall of another and get depressed when he gains success.


Hari Har jas rakes rahu se/ Par akaj bhat sahsabahu se//

Je par dosh lakhahim sahsakhi/ Par hit khrit jinh ke mann makhi//

They are like Rahu to the full moon of Vishnu and Shiva. Wherever Lord Shiv and Vishnu are praised, they create disturbances! When it comes to speaking ill about others, they are like Sahasrabahu the great warrior himself! These wicked souls watch the faults of others with thousand eyes. They are always alert to catch another’s smallest error.They are like buzzing flies to the ghee of another’s reputation. Even at the cost of killing itself, a fly shall dive into the ghee and spoil it. Likewise, the jealous, wicked souls shall attempt to destroy someone else’s work and achievements even at the risk of their own lives.


Tej krisanu rosh mahishesa/ Agh avaguna dhan dhani dhanesa//

Uday ket sam hit sab hi ke/ Kumbhkaran sam sovat neeke//

These vile, wicked, evil humans are like blazing fire when it comes to harming others. They are like Yama when it is about getting provoked and angry. They are rich like Kubera, when it comes to the accumulation of bad qualities and sins. Their growth is as inauspicious like Ketu the inferior star, because it destroys others. It is better for everyone that such people are allowed to sleep (are rendered useless) like Kumbhakarna.


Par akaju lagi tanu pariharahim/ Jimi him upal Krishi dali garahim//

Bandavu khal jas sesh sarosha/ Sahas badan barnayi par dosha//

Hailstones melt after destroying farm lands, and similarly these wicked ones throw themselves into harming the work of other people! I bow before the wicked, who like Seshnag possess a thousand tongues, and speak unceasingly about the faults of others.


Puni pranavavu prithuraj samana/ Par agh sunayi sahas das kana//

Bahuri sakra sam binavavu tehi/ Santat suranik hith jehi//

I bow before the wicked knowing that they are like Raja Pridhu (the one who wished for a boon of ten thousand ears to listen to the glories of the Lord) when it comes to listening to gossip about others with ten thousand ears! By the way, liquor too can be helpful sometimes. Even the wicked has their uses in this universe of ours.


Bachan bajra jehi sada piaara/ Sahas nayan par dosh nihari//

The wicked humans love using harshest words always and watch out for the slightest mistakes of others with a thousand eyes!



Udasin ari meet hit sunat jarahim khal reeti/

Jaani  paani jug jori jan binati karayi sapreeti//

The nature of these indolent, wicked characters is that they blaze with jealousy on hearing about the success of anybody- friend or foe. I offer my loving respects, with folded hands, while being fully aware of their nature.


Mai i disi keenh nihora/ Tinh nij or na laub bhora//

Bayas paliahim ati anuraga/ Hohim niramish kabahu ki kaga//

I have extended my requests (hoping for peace), but these people shall never deviate from their nature even a bit. Even if you look after a group of crows with great love and affection, will they ever relinquish their desire for flesh?


Bandevum sant asajjan charna/ Dukhprad ubhay beech kacchu barna//

Bicchurat ek pran hari lehim/ Milat ek dukh darun dehim//

Now I bow at the feet of both the holy and unholy people. Both render sorrow, but there is a difference in the manner of its occurrence. When a holy, kind soul departs, one’s heart gets broken. while intense agony happens on meeting a wicked, unholy character.

Note: Saints give sorrow while departing from us and the wicked humans impart sorrow when we encounter them on life’s journey!


Upajahim ek sangh jag mahim/ Jalaj jonk jimi guna bilagahim//

Sudha sura sam sadhu asadhu/Janak ek jag jaladhi agadhu//

Both the sages and the vile souls are born in the universe together. But like a lotus and leech, their natures differ. The lotus delights at sight and with its touch. The leech sucks your blood as soon as it encounters you. The saintly soul or sadhu is like amrit or sudha  helping you to rise above the mortal world; while the asadhu or wicked one is like intoxicating liquor which grants sluggishness, desire, arrogance. The source of origin of both is the same, deep worldly ocean. It is through the churning of the ocean that both amrit and madira have emerged.


Bhal anabhal nij nij kartooti/ Lahat sujas apalok bibhuti//

Sudha sudhakar sursari sadhu/ Garal anal kalimal sari byadhu//

Guna avagun janat sab koyi/ Jo jehi bhav neek tehi soyi//

The good and bad characters, as per their deeds, reap fame and notoriety respectively. Everybody knows about the good qualities and bad qualities of the amrit, moon, Ganga, sage, poison, fire, Karmanasha river (carrying all the sins of Kaliyuga) and a violent tiger. Whatever appeals to one’s intrinsic nature, one follows that path.